Why is homeownership important?

Why is homeownership important?

A healthy home is a cornerstone of resilience. We must gather our families under the roof of our homes and make investments in the heart of our cultures. We must talk of our values while we cook in our kitchens and share meals around our tables and tuck our children into their beds. We must come together after long days of working to speak languages once forbidden. We must build and strengthen our Native homes.

Lack of housing and homeownership opportunities in Indian Country has contributed to persistent poverty, negatively impacting the physical, financial, and spiritual health of Indigenous People.

Today, advancements in Tribal economies are creating new jobs, giving Tribal Members the chance to move away from poverty. Still, many Native communities do not have access to credit and long term capital necessary to build the financial capacity for homeownership.

Montana Native Growth Fund solves this problem. We specialize in offering life-building capital along with financial education that aligns with our cultural values. Because as Tribal Members move away from poverty, they should not have to move away from their homeland to have homeownership.

More Powerful than a Loan

MNGF is more than a loan provider. We help Native Americans build capacity for asset development by offering access to responsible credit and long term capital. We also teach the basics of credit and steps to achieving homeownership.

Most importantly, we honor our cultural values while encouraging a mind-set of self-sufficiency through wise financial management.